Interoperability Testing Demo

Demo of Findy Agency interoperability testing

  • Test 1: Findy Agency based issuer/verifier with Lissi Wallet

    A Findy Agency utilizing issuer tool invites Lissi Wallet to form a pairwise connection. Issuer tool sends and verifies a credential with Lissi Wallet.

  • Test 2: Findy Agency Web Wallet with Trinsic Wallet

    Findy Agency Web Wallet user forms a pairwise connection with Trinsic Wallet user. Wallet applications send Aries basic messages to each other.

  • Test 3: ACA-Py based issuer/verifier with Findy Agency Web Wallet

    Aries Test Harness runs ACA-Py-based agents that issue and verify credentials with Findy Agency Web Wallet.