Findy Agency Videos

GopherCon UK 2023

Boosting Test Coverage for Microservices

CDK-based Continuous Deployment for OSS

Laura presents Agency deployment and tooling in AWS Community Day Nordics 2023

Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity

Introduction to SSI in Digital Identity Hack 2023 Kick-off

Hyperledger Global Forum 2022 Presentation

Presenting Findy Agency at Hyperledger Global Forum 2022.

Findy Agency Presentation

Findy Agency presentation in Aries Working Group Call 2021/12

Demo: Alice-Faber-Acme

Example scenario implemented using Findy Agency.

Demo: Findy Bots

Example scenario implemented using Findy Agency.

Interoperability Testing Demo

Demo of Findy Agency interoperability testing

SSI-Empowered Identity Provider

Demo of SSI-Empowered OIDC Identity Provider

FTN Issuer Demo

Demo of Finnish Trust Network issuer