Findy Agency Overview

Findy Agency provides a Hyperledger Aries compatible identity agent service. It includes a web wallet for individuals and an API for organizations to utilize functionality related to verified data exchange: issuing, holding, verifying, and proving credentials. The agents hosted by the agency operate using DIDComm messaging and Hyperledger Aries protocols. Thus it is interoperable with other Hyperledger Aries compatible agents. The supported verified credential format is currently Hyperledger Indy “Anoncreds” that work with Hyperledger Indy distributed ledger.

You should check out Findy Agency if

  • you are looking for a fully open-sourced, performant Aries compatible identity agency that you can easily run in your local computer
  • you are a web service developer planning to use verified data in your application
  • you would like to build or use a web wallet for individuals instead of mobile application in your use case
  • you want to do experiments quickly without the need to setup or join actual Indy ledger
  • you have experimental attitude and are interested how things can be done differently

However… There are other great solutions you should definitely check out if

  • you expect to find ready-made product with full support and complete documentation
  • you are not interested in running your own agency
  • you are busy to get to production and would rather buy services than craft it yourself.


Findy Agency Architecture

Brief description of Findy Agency architecture