Findy Agency

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Findy Agency is an open-source project that develops Hyperledger Aries compatible identity agent service. Agency provides a web wallet for individuals and an API for organizations to utilize functionality related to verified data exchange: issuing, holding, verifying, and proving credentials.

Findy Agency operates using DIDComm messaging and Hyperledger Aries protocols.

The supported verified credential format is currently Hyperledger Indy “Anoncreds” that work with Hyperledger Indy distributed ledger. The plan is to add more credential formats in the future.


Single agency installation can serve multiple individuals and organisations.

Cloud Strategy

Credential data is stored securely in the cloud. Cloud agents do all the credentials-related hard work on behalf of the agency users.

Web Wallet

Individuals can use their device browser without the need to install a mobile application.


Backend services are implemented with highly performant GoLang.


Web wallet and API authentication are utilizing secure WebAuthn/FIDO protocol.

Modern API

Agency API is implemented on top of the gRPC framework. This technology ensures excellent performance with out-of-the-box support for a variety of languages.

Demo: Findy Bots

Example scenario implemented using Findy Agency.

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